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Determination. Concentration. Motivation. Figure skating is hard work. But more important than that, it’s a whole lot of fun too. We’ve pulled together some images that showcase the skaters of Traverse City Figure Skating Club. Enjoy the images below. If you have photos you want to share please feel free to contact us!

Traverse City Figure Skating Club Photos

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10 Years of Adult Skating

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Learn to Skate Open House
photos by Gary Smith

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Traverse City Figure Skating Club

Welcome to the Traverse City Figure Skating Club.

We’re located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. The Traverse City Figure Skating Club, formerly Twin Bays Skating Club, offers a wide range of skating options beginning with the Learn to Skate program for Basic Skills and continuing through more advanced skating such as freestyle, moves in the field, and ice dance. Skating lessons are offered for children from age 3 and up through adults.


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