Traverse City Figure Skating Club Membership

The are several membership options for skaters, families and friends of TCFSC. Membership in TCFSC and USFS is required for all skaters on club ice except for skaters in the Learn to Skate Program. Our membership options include:

  • Individual Membership
  • Family Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Friend of TCFSC
  • Honorary Membership

Individual Membership | for the skater

Each adult and child participating in Club programs, and having paid the current year’s dues and current and past club obligations, will be considered a member in good standing.  All individual members who are at least 18 years of age shall have the right to vote, hold office if elected or appointed to the board of directors, and shall enjoy all the privileges of the Club.  All members who are minors under the age of 18 shall enjoy the privileges of the Club but shall not vote in general, special or board meetings or hold office.  Minor members may, however, serve on appropriate committees where they shall have an equal vote with other committee members.  Minor members may be represented by a parent or adult guardian, who shall have the right to vote.  In accordance with the USFS Bylaws, ineligible persons in skating shall have the right to vote but not hold office.

Family Membership | for multiple skaters in one family

In the case where more than one family member, adult or minor child, participates in Club programs, a Family Membership will be available to include all participating members.  All family members shall enjoy the privileges of the Club with adults and parents or adult guardians allowed to hold office if elected or appointed to the board of directors, and vote.  Each Family Membership is allowed one vote at annual and general membership meetings.  The fee for the family membership is dependent upon the number of family members participating in club activities.

Associate Membership | for out-of-town skaters

Non-Traverse City residents who wish to skate less than five (5) months per year may purchase an associate membership in the Club.  Associate members may register for skating sessions at the regular registration rates.  Associate members shall not vote or hold office.

Friends of TCFSC

Adults or families not currently enrolled in Club programs who wish to support the Club may become members of Traverse City Figure Skating Club by paying the current “Friend of TCFSC” membership fee.  Friend of TCFSC members shall not vote or hold office.

Honorary Membership

Honorary members may be elected by a majority vote at any general membership meeting upon recommendation by the Board of Directors.  An honorary member shall be free from initiation fees, dues and/or assessments.  He or she may represent the Club in exhibitions and attend ice skating sessions under the same rules governing active members.  He or she shall not be nominated or elected to office or the Board of Directors, but may be appointed by the Board to address a specific current need where he or she shall have a vote.  Honorary members have no vote unless otherwise provided.  They shall have no claim on the assets or property of the Club.  He or she shall not represent the Club in competitions.


Traverse City Figure Skating Club

Welcome to the Traverse City Figure Skating Club.

We’re located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. The Traverse City Figure Skating Club, formerly Twin Bays Skating Club, offers a wide range of skating options beginning with the Learn to Skate program for Basic Skills and continuing through more advanced skating such as freestyle, moves in the field, and ice dance. Skating lessons are offered for children from age 3 and up through adults.


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