Skating Club Pros

Senior Professional Coaches

Senior Coaches may teach any skating discipline (dependent upon their own experience) on any TCFSC session.  Senior Coaches determine their own rates – please check with them individually.

Ann Manning231.392.2231 or 231.933.5396

  • Coach since 1980
  • Coached at TCFSC since 1993
  • Coaches all levels of Freestyle and Moves in the Field
  • Have coached all levels of students from beginner to Senior, through testing levels and competitively as well as more recreational skaters
  • Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle, Silver in Dance
  • Competitive History — Competed through Senior level in Eastern Great Lakes Regional
  • PSA member

Heidi Masse 231.360.0264  |

  • Tests passed
    •Senior Moves in the Field
    •Junior Freestyle Silver Dances
    •4th Figure Test
    •Upper Great Lakes competitor ’91, ’92, ’93, ’97, ’98
    •Central Pacifics competitor ’89, ’90, ’94, ’95
    •Synchro Nationals competitor 2000 & ’01
  • Training
    •San Jose CA, Peninsula FSC
    •Redwood City CA, Peninsula FSC
    •Green Bay WI, Green Bay FSC
    •Milwaukee WI, Greater Milwaukee FSC
    •International Skating Center of Connecticut
    •15 years + of ballet (pointe), tap, and jazz
    •1999-200 skated on the Western University synchronized skating team; cross skater for senior and collegiate team
  • Coaching experience
    •Green Bay FSC
    •Kalamazoo FSC
    •International Skating Center of Connecticut – Simsbury, CT
    •Amherst FSC, Amherst, MA
    •Traverse City FSC
    •Coached competitors at the Eastern Great Lakes Regional Championships at qualifying levels from 2003 to current
    •National Showcase competitors in both solos and ensembles 2005, 2006, & 2007
    •National Showcase 3rd place overall competitor 2007
    •National Showcase ensemble champions 2006 & 2007
  • Currently
    •Freestyle, Choreography, Moves in the Field
    •Learn to Skate director of Traverse City Figure Skating Club
    •Ice show director
    •Coaches Northern Lights synchronized skating teams
    •Coaches High Ice Theatre
    •Member, TCFSC Board of Directors

Laurent Masse’231.360.0264  |

  • Started coaching in 1997
  • Coaches Freestyle, moves in the field, off-ice jumps
  • Coach all levels of recreational and competitive figure skating
  • Has passed Gold Figures, Gold Freestyle, Juvenile pairs, Preliminary Dance
  • Competitive history- Three time National competitor 1990, 1991, 1992 1991 Junior Mens figures National champion 1987 New England Regional Juvenile Champion 1988 Eastern Sectional Silver medalist, intermediate men 1989 New England regional silver medalist, Novice men 1990 New England Regional Champion novice mens figures, silver medalist Novice mens freestyle 1990  Eastern Sectional Bronze medalist Novice men 1990 National competitor Novice men 1991 Eastern Sectional Silver medalist, Junior Mens figures, 5th place junior mens freestyle 1992 Eastern Sectional Bronze medalist Senior mens figures, 1992 National competitor Senior Mens figures

Stephanie Miller231.409.1997  |

  • Coach at TCFSC since 1999
  • 25 years of coaching experience
  • Former USFS Judge
  • Competitive Ice Danceer for ten years
  • Synchronized skater for 17 years
  • Synchronized coach for 13 years
  • Coaching expertise in Dance, Moves in the Field, Synchro, Basic Skills, stroking and edges
  • Costume Designer/Stoning and Beading for Olympic and World Skaters from all over the world, including our local skaters
  • A great resource for good used figure skates.  Please call or email for more info
  • Loves working with kids; a mother and grandmother

Courtney Phillips | 231.499.7118  |

  • Coach since 1980
  • Coaches Freestyle, Moves, Dance, Power Skating / Hockey, Adults, Basic Skills
  • USFS Test Levels: Adult Gold Dance, 6th Figure, Intermediate FS
  • Professional Skaters Association (PSA) Ratings Master Rated Program Director Master Rated Group Registered Freestyle Registered Moves Registered Dance Level II Hockey

Lauren Tondreau231-944-4776 |

  • Started coaching in 2005
  • Coaches Freestyle, Moves in the field, Choreography, group and private lessons, basic skills, low ice theatre, Jr. Club
  • Coach all levels of competitive and recreational skaters
  • Passed Senior Freestyle, Senior Moves in the Field, and Pre-Silver Dance
  • PSA Basic Accreditation
  • ACE certified personal fitness trainer
  • Competed all levels through Junior freestyle from 1996-2008, Competed at Eastern Great Lakes Regionals 2004-2008, 2004Eastern Great Lakes Regionals final round qualifier, Intermediate Ladies.

Katie Stewart | 248.408.2428 |

Competitive History

  • 2-time U.S. National Competitor; Junior Ladies
  • 4-time Midwestern Sectional Competitor
  • 7-time Eastern Great Lakes Regional Competitor

Test Levels

  • Junior Free Skate
  • Senior Moves in the Field
  • Novice Pairs
  • Pre-Gold Compulsory Dance

Previous Training Facilities

  • Traverse City
  • Detroit Skating Club
  • Indiana World Skating Academy
  • Sun Valley, Idaho
  • Toyota Sports Center, El Segundo CA
  • Houston Figure Skating Club

Related Experience

  • 15 years of dance training (Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap)
  • On and off-ice aerobic/anaerobic training under Debbie Pitsos of Detroit Skating Club
  • Coach at FAR Conservatory (Birmingham, MI) for children and adults with special needs
  • Level 1 certification to teach pilates
  • Character Performer/Entertainment Department, Walt Disney World (Orlando)

Currently Teaching

  • Freestyle
  • Choreography
  • Stroking and Edges
  • Moves in the Field

Basic Skills Coaches

Susi Pilath |  231.883.2343

  • TBSC/TCFSC Coach since 2006
  • May teach private lessons on Basic Skills Free Time
  • Has passed USFS Adult Bronze, Pre-Preliminary and Preliminary Moves, Dance through Bronze
  • Presently working on Pre-Juvenile Moves and Pre-Silver Dances
  • Skated with Adult Synchro Team since its inception, 2000-2010 with competitions through 2009
  • Have worked on Ice Show Choreography
  • Related Experience: 10 years Dance/Theatre performance in TC(Ballet, Jazz, Musicals) 20 years as professional clown in TC Registered Nurse, emphasis on Critical Care since 1983, specialized in care of children since 1988 in Post Anesthesia Recovery Room/Munson Medical Center

Junior Coaches

Junior Coaches may teach private lessons on Basic Skills and low freestyle sessions at a rate of pay not to exceed $25/hour.

Patty Donaldson231.883.1550

  • Coaching since 2004; Low Freestyle and Moves
  • Has passed Intermediate Free Style and Moves in the Field Skating Tests
  • 2005 Synchronized Figure Skater
  • 2004 High School Intermediate Free Style District Champion
  • 2003 High School Juvenile Free Style Regional and State Champion
  • Competed and Medaled in numerous competitions throughout Michigan.

Assistant Coaches

Assistant Coaches must be at least 16 yrs old & may teach private lessons only on basic skills ice time at a rate of pay not to exceed $17.50/ hour.


Traverse City Figure Skating Club

Welcome to the Traverse City Figure Skating Club.

We’re located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. The Traverse City Figure Skating Club, formerly Twin Bays Skating Club, offers a wide range of skating options beginning with the Learn to Skate program for Basic Skills and continuing through more advanced skating such as freestyle, moves in the field, and ice dance. Skating lessons are offered for children from age 3 and up through adults.


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