The inaugural Skate-a-Thon event will be held on Sunday, January 20 in conjunction with the National Skating Month celebration! This fundraiser is open to all members of the club including basic skills skaters. Skaters will skate laps and perform specific skating elements for the pledges that they will collect. This is a great opportunity for skaters, their families, and the community to come together and raise money and have fun! Skaters and skating families: It’s time to start collecting those pledges! Start asking friends, family, and the community to pledge an amount for each lap you skate or skating element you perform.

*For the elements, Skaters must have passed pre-preliminary fs, and must consult with their coaches on which element to skate.  Skaters should be able to complete the element (or rotate the spin) at least five or so times. This should be a very fun event that can potentially be a big fundraiser for skaters and club alike.  The split for money raised will be 60/40, 60 going to individual credits, and 40 going to the club needs.  Print out the forms, take them to your neighbors, friends, local businesses, extended family etc.  The skaters who raise the most money will receive prizes.  For the family who raises the most money, I will cook a crepe dinner for up to eight people at their home.

Click here to download the Skate-A-Thon form for Laps

Click here to download the Skate-A-Thon form for Elements


Traverse City Figure Skating Club

Welcome to the Traverse City Figure Skating Club.

We’re located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. The Traverse City Figure Skating Club, formerly Twin Bays Skating Club, offers a wide range of skating options beginning with the Learn to Skate program for Basic Skills and continuing through more advanced skating such as freestyle, moves in the field, and ice dance. Skating lessons are offered for children from age 3 and up through adults.


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