Beyond Basic Skills

After completing Basic Skills level 4, a skater has a few options.  He/she may continue with basic skills group lessons through level 8 and then through basic skills freeskate levels and/or the skater may choose to pursue some of the high/low skating options.  High/Low skating includes the following additional fees and requirements:

  1. Regular TCFSC membership – annual fee of $125 – due mid-June.  This fee includes a regular, 1-year USFS membership.  This fee is not pro-rated for partial membership years.
  2. Volunteer Fee – The skater’s parent must complete 15 hours of TCFSC volunteer time/year (between the beginning of summer session and the end of spring session the following year; mid-June to mid-June) or pay a fee of $150.  If less than 15 hours of volunteer time is served, the fee is $10/hour for each hour below the required 15 hours.
  3. The skater must have a private TCFSC skating coach**
  4. High/Low skaters are also required to bring in $100 worth of advertisements for the Ice Show program in January of each year
  5. All skaters and their parents must read and sign the Locker Room Policies, Ice Etiquette Guidelines, and Waiver & Release of Liability forms prior to skating on TCFSC sessions.

**The cost of the high/low sessions covers fees for ice ONLY.  Skaters generally utilize those sessions largely for self-directed practice.  For example, on a 50-minute session, a skater may arrange for a 10 to 15 minute lesson with a private coach and then spend the remaining 35 to 40 minutes practicing on their own.  Private coaches set their own professional fees and it is highly recommended that you ask what their fees are prior to hiring a particular coach.  The cost of the private coach is paid directly to the coach and is in addition to the ice fees.

High/Low Skating includes the following options:

  • Freestyle
  • Moves in the Field
  • Ice Dance
  • Ice Theater
  • Artistic Showcase
  • Synchronized Skating Team
  • Preparation for USFS testing in moves, freestyle, and/or ice dance
  • Skating Competitions

A variety of skating sessions are offered each season.
Session requirements are as follows:
Low Sessions: Skaters must have passed Basic Skills 4 up thru Preliminary FS.  Freestyle, Moves in the Field, and Ice Dance allowed
Open Sessions: Skaters must have passed Basic Skills 4 up through Senior FS.  FS, Moves, and Dance allowed
General Sessions: Skaters must have passed Pre-preliminary moves up thru Senior FS.  FS, Moves, and Dance allowed.
High Dance/Moves: Skaters must have passed Intermediate Moves or higher or passed Pre-silver dance test/working on Silver dance or above.  Silver through Gold Dance &/or Novice through Senior moves allowed only.
High Ice Theater: Passed Juvenile moves and Preliminary FS by the end of the summer test session, or have permission from Heidi Johnson to enroll in this class.
Low Ice Theater: passed basic 4 but not yet qualified for high ice theater
TCFSC reserves the right to restructure the levels of Ice Theater to maintain the quality of both the High and Low classes.

Non-TCFSC members may skate up to 3 sessions (3 days) on TCFSC ice at the guest drop-in rate without paying a membership fee. A valid USFS membership card must be presented in order to skate on Club ice sessions. If a guest wishes to skate more than 3 sessions, he/she must purchase a TCFSC membership. The Club membership requirement is waived for guest skaters during the TCFSC summer session. 

Associate membership is available for part-time residents of the Traverse City area who wish to skate up to 5 months per year at TCFSC. Associate membership will qualify that member to register at registration rates, purchase punch cards (if he/she registers for 10 or more sessions first), and/or skate at the TCFSC member drop-in rate. The Associate Membership fee does not include a USFS membership. A USFS membership may be purchased by Associate members at the current USFS fee.


Traverse City Figure Skating Club

Welcome to the Traverse City Figure Skating Club.

We’re located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. The Traverse City Figure Skating Club, formerly Twin Bays Skating Club, offers a wide range of skating options beginning with the Learn to Skate program for Basic Skills and continuing through more advanced skating such as freestyle, moves in the field, and ice dance. Skating lessons are offered for children from age 3 and up through adults.


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