Summer Ice For All TCFSC Members

Click   HERE   to open Traverse City Figure Skating Club Summer Ice schedule.

For summer ice purchases please click HERE to read the instructions.

You will need to renew the memberships PRIOR to being able to purchase summer ice time. There are 2 memberships – USFS, which is the governing body of figure skating, and then the CLUB membership. The USFS membership is found in the “merchandise” tab, while the club membership is the “renew membership” tab. Place these in your cart, and then complete the purchase. You need to complete the membership purchase prior to being able to accessing the summer ice.

The days/weeks in yellow are Centre ICE drop in times.   Unlike fall/winter and spring sessions, summer ice is purchased “a la carte” – meaning you aren’t buying Mondays at 9:00am across the board.   Instead you are purchasing each individual session you want.
With this a la carte style we are not able to set up installment payments.   Therefore in order to accommodate split payments for summer ice we created two separate registrations – one for June/July and one for August.

Please go to your club Entryeeze account to view sessions available for purchase.
Power and off ice jump classes are also available in two seperate registrations.

Any questions, contact

Laurent Massé

Wishing a wonderful Spring season to all our skaters and families.


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