Skate Sharpening

•   Please see Laurent Massé (TCFSC Director) to get your skates sharpened for a cost of $15.00.   Fill out a form at the Learn to Skate registration desk or in the club office.   Insert the form and your $15.00 payment inside one your skating boots and leave your skates to be sharpened in the club office or at the LTS desk.

Rental Skates, New Skates, Used Skates, Where Can I Get Them?
•   Rental skates are available at Centre Ice for a cost of $3.00 per class.
•   New and used skates may be purchased through Stephanie Miller (Instructor); and/or Laurent Massé (Club Director).
•   Used Skate Sales ( information comming soon)

Skating Attire

What Should the Skaters Wear?

Clothes that stretch are better than tight, restrictive or oversized clothes that would restrict movements.   A skater's form-fitting clothing will enable the instructor/coach to see the skater's body alignment and to provide the skater with proper advice and feedback about technique.  
•   Mittens or gloves should be worn.
•   Pants should not be excessively long or have wide flare.
•   Helmets are required for the Snowplow Sam classes. Bicycle helmets are permitted.
•   New skates must be sharpened before the 1st day of class.
•   The skates must be securely tied. Laces should be snug through the angle area, but allow for some flexibility.
•   No gum chewing is allowed on the ice.

For more information about skating attire, view the USFS documentation attire.pdf

Ordering Skating Attires and Accessories Online

•   Skate | IVIVVA
•   Jerry's Skating World Inc.
•   Rainbo Sports Skating Store.
•   DSC Jones' Custom Skate Shop.
•   ChloeNoel Skate and Gymnastics Wear.
•   Yoga Clothes by Lululemon Athletica.
•   Accessories: ZÜCA Store.


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