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• To selected TCFSC members (by criteria)   Click Here for Sessions Sign up.

• Calling skaters to join national production ensemble team!!!!   Do you want your skater to be on the national productions ensemble team this season?   We will be traveling to Brighton Michigan at the beginning of August.   We are looking for more skaters to join our team and participate!!👏👏👏👏👏   Please contact Heidi Masse with any questions.   Watch our national performance from 2016...

• Skating Clothing Rack

Clothing rack to have skating dresses and attire for sale during learn to skate.   Bring your dresses to the club (clearly marked with your name and price PINNED to what you are selling).   If your item is sold, your account will be credited the amount.

• M22/LOVE Figure Skating Gear

We are selling the M22/LOVE "I love figure skating" gear at ENORMOUSLY REDUCED PRICES YOU WONT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!   See the Office Manager for purchases.
–   Zip Ups for $30
–  Hoodies for $25
–  T shirts (Long or Short Sleeve) for $15


Latest News and Updates

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