Frequently Asked Questions

What class should my 3-5 year old sign up for if they have never skated?
•  Snowplow Sam

What is Snowplow Sam?
•   This section of the program is designed for those skaters not ready to begin at the Basic 1 level.   This class is for 3-5 year old children who require a little extra attention to help them feel more comfortable on the ice.   After completing Snowplow Sam, the skater will then advance to Basic 1.

What class should my 6-13 year old sign up for if they have never skated?
•   Basic 1

If my child wants to play hockey and does not want to be a figure skater, what class do I sign up for?
•  Snowplow Sam (depending on age) or Basic 1 class covers all of the important basic fundamentals of skating for hockey as well as figure skating.

What should we do when we arrive?
•  Sign in at the registration desk where you will be given a colored pass to get on the ice.   We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before your class begins to be sure you have enough time to sign in and properly put your skates on.

Where do we meet?
•  All skaters should line up against the boards inside of the rink.   All skaters will have a name tag, for instructors to know what class/level the skaters are in.

What should parents do while class is in session?
•   Parents are asked to watch from the stands or from the outside lobby.
•   Please do not stand in the area by the door or walk onto the ice!
•   Parents are not permitted to stand by the player’s benches.
•   Parents should not pick up skaters and carry them with their skates on!

Practice Time
•   Practice ice is available for Learn To Skate participants only.   Parents and siblings are not allowed on the ice.   Skaters must be able to skate on their own to utilize the practice ice.   A staff member will monitor practice ice.   See class list for specific classes and practice times.

How does a skater move up through the levels?
•   Skaters are evaluated during the mid-point of each session.   They will receive an evaluation form marking their progress.   When a skater completes a level, badges will be given to each skater when they pass the level. &nspb; It is not unusual for skaters to repeat a class two or more times. &nspb; Skills taught build upon each other, and to move a skater up before they master a skill only makes skating more difficult. &nspb; If a child misses this class, they will receive their evaluation the last week of classes.
•   Basic Skills Curriculum. See

Private Lessons
•   We are often asked by parents, “how can I obtain private skating lesson for my child?”.   Visit our Skating Club Pros page of a list of all Senior, Junior, and Assistant level coaches with their phone numbers, or, pick-up a list in the Club Office at Centre Ice Arena.   You can simply contact one of the coaches (We recommend coming and observing a session or two during TCFSC low freestyle skating session to help determine who may be a good fit) and then set up a private lesson time.   Private lessons fees vary so be sure to ask what the coach’s rate is.   View the online coaches list here
•   For skaters in level Basic 1 and above, these lessons can be done on the 20 minute practice time after your basic skill lesson.   For skaters in Basic 3 and above, the lessons can be done on a TCFSC Low Freestyle session or an Open Session.   (Additional fees will apply.   Please see our Membership section for details)