To register, go to your Entreeze Account, go to the merchandise tab, put the Skate A Thon in your cart and check out nbsp; —   THERE IS NO COST, this is simply for us to know who is participating.
Please print the pledge sheet and start collecting pledges!

The TCFSC skaters worked really hard for this years skate-A-thon.   It was a fun morning, topped off by a donation to each skater who participated by Centre ICE!!!   Thank you to Terri Marchand and Centre ICE for the support they continue to give to the club.

Our skaters were well ready for the start of the annual event … and they gave everything they had to accomplish their goals!

Our annual skate-a-thon is a fun and fit activity for all of our club members.   The funds raised for general club members are split 60/40 – skater account/club.   Learn to skate members are encouraged to participate as well.   Skaters set realistic lap goals based on skill level.   Our goal is to help the fundraising committee raise at least $15,000 to fund the Christmas show, the annual ice show in March, the Cherry Classic competition, test sessions, and to keep ice costs down. &bbsp; We hope that each family will participate in the skate-a-thon to the best of its ability.   If each family raises $300, we will achieve our goal.   We’re hoping to make this skate-a-thon a great success, so the more contributions you raise, the more successful we’ll be at achieving our goal.
Thank you very much for your participation!


  1. Skaters may start collecting pledges as soon as they receive the pledge sheets.   Skaters participating are asked to register on entryeeze by going to the merchandise section.   You may email and he will register you.   Reminder: You need your pledge sheet with you on Skate A Thon day.
  2. Pledges may be made by anyone.   However, participants may not ask for pledges from any of the staff members of TCFSC.
  3. Each sponsor making a pledge should write their own name, and pledge per lap/element.   Skaters may collect the pledge in advance but must keep pledges until all are collected.
  4. On skate-a-thon day, skaters will do laps for 30 minutes.   Volunteers will be assigned to each skater to count laps, keeping track of the total number of laps completed.
  5. Upon completion of the skate-a-thon, the volunteer will record each skater’s lap total on their pledge sheet and return it.   Skaters may then collect outstanding pledges.   Please return pledge sheets with the money to TCFSC by Saturday, March 1st 2019.
  6. Multiple prizes will be given out, with the grand prize of a club jacket going to the skater who raises the most money! Other awards are given during the laps!   The learn to skate member who raises the most will win a free learn to skate session to be used within the 2019 calendar year.

Laurent Masse
2015 Eastern Great Lakes Regional LOC Co-Chair
USFS Parents Committee Member
Traverse City Figure Skating Club Director