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Skate Sharpening
•  Please see Laurent Massé (TCFSC Director) to get your skates sharpened for a cost of $15.00.   Fill out a form at the Learn to Skate registration desk or in the club office.   Insert the form and your $15.00 payment inside one of your skating boots and leave your skates to be sharpened in the club office or at the LTS desk.

Rental Skates, New Skates, Used Skates, Where Can I Get Them?
•   Rental skates are available at Centre Ice for a cost of $3.00 per class.
•   New and used skates may be purchased through Stephanie Miller (Instructor); and/or Laurent Massé (Club Director).
•   Used Skate Sales (information coming soon)

Skating Attire

What Should the Skaters Wear?
Clothes that stretch are better than tight, restrictive or oversized clothes that would restrict movements.   A skater’s form-fitting clothing will enable the instructor/coach to see the skater’s body alignment and to provide the skater with proper advice and feedback about technique.  
•   Mittens or gloves should be worn.
•   Pants should not be excessively long or have wide flare.
•   Helmets are required for the Snowplow Sam classes. Bicycle helmets are permitted.
•   New skates must be sharpened before the 1st day of class.
•   The skates must be securely tied. Laces should be snug through the angle area, but allow for some flexibility.
•   No gum chewing is allowed on the ice

For more information about skating attire, view the USFS documentation

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