The TCFSC Club encourages volunteerism by all members and parents.   For TCFSC members, 24 volunteer hours per family from Sept 21st to June 15th are required.   For more information, consult the “Volunteer Hour Information” section in the your Registration Packet

Safe Sport Training for Volunteers

For volunteering in locker rooms, complete the Safe Sport Training Program per the following steps:

Step 1. Go to usfsa.org
Step 2. Select the “Members Only” tab on the upper right
Step 3. Below the “account info” and “find a club” tabs is “Non-Member? Create Account” select that
Step 4. Select “I am a Volunteer”
Step 5. Create your account
Step 6. Check your email for your USFSA Number
Step 7. Back to usfsa.org to log in with your number
Step 8. Click the “Zero Tolerance” tab and follow instructions for Safe Sport Training
Tip: You will need to submit a photo of your Driver’s License during the background check so upload that to your computer first to save time.

Any questions or problem with this training, contact your club safe sport officer, J. Palamara MD